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2013 Rule Book Download

HOYS Revised Rules 2017

Riding Hats
i) Correctly secured British Standard Skull Caps/Riding Hats that meet current approved BSI or European Safety Standards MUST be worn by riders 18 years and under, riders competing in Intermediate, Mountain and Moorland classes and riders in the jumping phase of the Working Hunter Horse/Pony.
ii) Competitors are reminded that hats should have a plain cover and should be as per the guidelines set out in the specific class and/or society ruling; black, navy, blue, brown, grey or green as appropriate.
iii) A rider whose hat comes off will be disqualified.
iv) A rider, whose strap comes undone whilst competing must on penalty of disqualification, replace it or fasten it before continuing. The rider may stop without penalty to refasten the strap.

i) All riders when competing must be suitably attired for the Class or Championship as per the guidelines set out in the specific class and/or society rulings. Please note gaiters may be worn however chaps are not permitted in any class or championship.
ii) Body protectors may be worn and are recommended whilst competing in Working Hunter Pony classes.
iii) It is prohibited for competitors to have advertising or team branding on any item of clothing or hat when competing in the ring, manufacturers names/labels common to the product are excluded.

P.U.K Guidelines for Producers

1. Drivers and grooms must hold transport certificate.
2. Operators licence - should hold one or pay a third party to oversee.
3. Vehicle insurance must cover carrying other people's animals - normal insurance cover is invalid if carrying for reward.
4. Vet book - bound not loose-leaf - to record accidents, illness, vet visits etc.
5. Basic contract between producer and client detailing what is included/excluded/extra.
6. Accident and incident book - bound not loose-leaf.
7. Insurance cover - teaching, public liability employer's liability.
8. Enhanced DBS for employees and anyone who has unsupervised contact with children/ young people.
9. First aider available at yard.
10. Health and Safety policy.
11. Child Protection Policy.
12. All policies should be easily available to clients.


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P(UK) Winter Classic
28th - 29th March 2015
Bury Farm Equestrian Centre
Slapton, Bucks LU7 9BT

P(UK) Dalkeith Young Riders M&M Ridden & P(UK) Amateur Riders M&M Ridden RIHS Final
29th July 2015
Hickstead West Sussex RH17 5NU

P(UK) Summer Supreme Championships
24th - 26th July 2015
Bury Farm Equestrian Centre
Slapton, Bucks LU7 9BT

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